Dating Merchant Account

When it comes to setting up a dating merchant account with a trusted payment processor, Powercash21 can be your solid partner.

Set up a Dating Merchant Account with Powercash21

Our secure payment gateway and effective fraud prevention tools will guarantee that the payment procedures on your dating site are seamless and effective.

The many benefits of a dating merchant account with Powercash21

To support online dating businesses, we provide a dating merchant account that comes with several features to enhance the payment experiences of your customers. The benefits of our dating payment gateway solution include:


Recurring Billing 

Rely on payment automation when it comes to recurring payments to avoid expired credit card information and missed payments. As most dating websites follow a subscription-based model, our recurring billing feature can be enabled to receive payments hassle-free on regular intervals from your customers. Along with the Card Updater capabilities we provide, credit card approval rates are higher because expired or lost credit cards will not affect the payment cycle when billing your customers.


Alternative Payment Methods Available

Visa and Mastercard payments are a must for online payments on dating sites. However, your dating business can reach more customers across the world with country-based Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) that consumers are comfortable to pay APMs include e-wallets, online bank transfers, and many more.


Chargeback Prevention Tools

Our risk management tools prevent chargebacks from happening as transactions with fraudulent data will not be processed. Velocity checks are a great tool for chargeback prevention purposes, as they are used to review payment transactions for repeating patterns within a defined timeframe minimizing the risk of chargeback requests from your site’s visitors.

Why choose Powercash21 for your Dating Payment Processing needs.

With years of experience in serving merchants in high-risk industries, Powercash21 will be your reliable partner in dating payment processing. With us you can enjoy:


Quick Processing of your application


Competitive and Customised Pricing


Dedicated Account Manager to help your online business thrive


24/7 Dating Merchant Account Support

Powercash21 can help protect against fraud

Fraudulent payments are one of the biggest worries of online merchants in the dating segment. Utilize our fraud and risk management tools to maintain a healthy online dating payment process and keep your chargeback ratio to the minimum. Rely on secure dating payment processing with:

PCI DSS Compliance

Our payment gateway holds a Level 1 PCI DSS certificate making the processing, storing or transmission of cardholder data strictly secure to effectively prevent data breaches.


Hold your customers' funds instead of debiting their accounts to confirm that a sufficient amount is available for the services purchased.

3D Secure

Add an additional layer of security with 3D Secure by requiring cardholders to authenticate themselves when making a card-not present transaction. Available through Visa and Mastercard, as a password, passcode, or OTP (One Time Password) option.

Geolocation Technology

Block suspicious transactions based on the location or connection type of an online customer but at the same time without violating their privacy.

Powercash21 – The ideal dating payment gateway provider

Powercash21’s extensive dating merchant account services are exactly what you need to take the pressure off when it comes to handling online payments. We have a proven history of easing the strain of the payment processing procedure, therefore allowing our clients to focus on the aspects of their online dating business that really require their expert attention. Reach out and talk to a member of our team today!

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