Adult Payment Processing

Trusting Powercash21 with your adult payment processing can have many perks. Sign up for an adult merchant account today!

The benefits of Powercash21’s adult payment gateway solutions

Trusting Powercash21 with your adult payment processing can have many perks, which you can access through your adult merchant account. These include:


Chargebak Prevention Tools

Our payment gateway holds a Level 1 PCI DSS certificate, making the processing, storing or transmission of cardholder data strictly secure to effectively prevent data breaches.


Recurring Billing

Our adult payment gateway solution provides merchants the option of recurring billing. With many adult entertainment businesses embracing a recurring billing business model, this option can be used to streamline automated payments and avoid expired cards.


150+ Payment Methods

Our adult merchant services offer access to various payment methods, such as adult credit card processing and alternative payment options to localise your payment strategy and easy the payment journey of your customers by offering their most familiar methods of payment.

Risk Management

Our adult merchant accounts are equipped with all the tools needed to keep the possibility of chargebacks to a minimum. Transactions with fraudulent data will not be processed and you will get notified in the case this happens.

3D Secure

The cardholder must authenticate their identity to complete a transaction. This decreases the risk of fraud due to stolen or lost cards.


The location of the cardholder is cross-referenced to minimise and prevent card-not-present fraud.


By using pre-authorisation, an adult merchant account holder reduces risk of fraud as well as processing costs, by imposing a temporary hold on the card attempting to complete a purchase.

How Powercash21 stands out from the competition

Here at Powercash21, we are proud to have our clients at the centre of everything we do. Our customer-centric culture creates an ideal environment for clients in the adult entertainment business.

As an adult payment processor, we offer:


High Approval Rates


Daily Settlements


24/7 Support


Dedicated Account Managers


Competitive and Customised Pricing


Quick Processing of Applications


International Adult Merchant Accounts

Our adult payment processing account will enable your business to not only accept payments locally, but also internationally.

Offering a multi-currency website to your customers can have several advantages:

High level of convenience

Merchants who display the cost of a product or service in the shopper’s local currency enhance the payment experience and improve convenience for customers, easing credit card processing for adult content.

Lower risks of chargebacks

Research has shown that chances of customers initiating a chargeback procedure decrease when the transaction is made in the customer’s local currency. Customers might not initially realise the actual cost of a product or service when a non-familiar currency is displayed.

Increased trust levels from customers

Multicurrency websites tend to gain the customers’ trust easier, as the users are more comfortable purchasing in their local currency. This can have a positive impact on sales due to returning customers.

Powercash21 – Your Adult Payment Provider

At Powercash21, we are fully aware of the stress involved in personally controlling online payments as a business owner. That is why we provide comprehensive and robust adult payment processing solutions that are tailored to each business. The aim is to enable our merchants to accept online payments smoothly and with a reduced the risk of fraud and chargebacks. We guarantee satisfaction for our adult merchant account holders, as well as your customers, with seamless payment experiences.

Start processing online payments today!